Modular seating system designed by Orlandini Design

Nido set

Nido is a set of elements designed to be combined in various ways, creating almost unlimited possibilities for seating arrangements in terms of size, shape, and function. It offers an ideal creative solution for relaxation areas in companies and public spaces.

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Variability and Comfort

The key elements of the Nido seating system are seats in various sizes: 1x1, 2x1, and 3x1.

These seats can be further combined with a corner seat 1x1, which allows you to create seating sets in various shapes.

Thanks to this variability, the Nido seating system can be adapted to both small and large spaces.

Nido 1x1

Nido 1x1

Nido 1x1

Nido 2x1

Nido 1x1

Nido 3x1

Functionality and Design

Another advantage of the Nido seating system is the ability to combine seats with various tables, low or high backrests, pillows, and sockets.

These elements can be placed as needed to create a functional and comfortable seating arrangement.

The Nido seating system is characterized by modern design and clean lines that easily integrate into various interiors.

Nido set